Keep reading to see answers to many frequently asked questions related to neurofeedback therapy.

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  • What is neurofeedback?

    Neurofeedback literally translates to “brain feedback”. Neurofeedback uses sensors to measure the brains activity in different areas and frequencies. A computer gives participants a reward in the form of a visual and/ or auditory stimulus, in our case a video game or movie, to reward certain frequencies and help increase ones ability to self regulate.

  • How many neurofeedback sessions will I need?

    Most conditions improve in 5 sessions; however, a minimum of 15 sessions is often necessary for a more reliable benefit.

  • How often should I do neurofeedback sessions?

    Two sessions of neurofeedback a week is optimal and published studies recommend this schedule. Many clients, however, do sessions once a week and make good progress. Others start with twice a week then reduce to once weekly when they experience symptom relief.

  • What happens in a typical session?

    Sensors are placed on the scalp using medical paste and the EEG is displayed on a computer monitor. A corresponding video game is played to provide ‘stop/start’ feedback as the brain learns to produce the optimal frequency, eg. Produce a calmer/slower brainwave speed to address anxiety.

  • Is there an ideal age for neurofeedback?

    We have worked with children as young as three years old to address sleep, emotional regulation, and attachment issues. All age groups benefit from neurofeedback to address clinical diagnoses or academic achievement.

  • What neurofeedback technologies do you use?

    Our practice uses infra-low frequency training via Cygnet, Low Energy Neurofeedback (LENS), Brainmaster Z-score, coherence training and light therapy (Photobiomodulation).

  • Will insurance cover neurofeedback?

    Unfortunately, neurofeedback is not usually reimbursed by insurance. Payment via cash, check or credit card is required at the time of the appointment. A receipt with appropriate diagnosis and CPT codes will be provided upon request. Neurofeedback does qualify for Health Savings Accounts.

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