Frequently Asked Questions

How many neurofeedback sessions will I need?

Most conditions improve in 5 to 10 sessions, however, a minimum of 20 sessions will be necessary for a more reliable benefit. Training goals related to substance abuse, autism spectrum, and trauma or attachment disorders will require ongoing training over a longer period.

How often should I do neurofeedback sessions?

Two sessions of neurofeedback a week is optimal and most published studies are based on this schedule. However, many folks will reduce to one session a week after 10 to 20 sessions, or once the benefits are reliable.

What happens in a typical session?

Electrodes are placed on the scalp using conductive paste and the EEG is presented on the computer monitor. A corresponding video game is then played in order to shift the EEG speed, eg. produce slower/calmer brainwaves to address anxiety.

Is there an ideal age for neurofeedback?

We have worked with children as young as three years old to address sleep, emotional regulation, and attachment issues. All age groups benefit from neurofeedback to address clinical diagnoses or academic achievement.

What neurofeedback technologies do you use?

Our practice uses infra-low frequency training via Cygnet, Low Energey Neurofeedback (LENS), Brain Avatar, and coherence training.

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Will insurance cover neurofeedback?

We will give you a statement with the biofeedback CPT code 90901 as well as the diagnosis code for you to submit to your insurance provider. Most insurance companies will not reimburse for this neurotherapy, but that is gradually changing. Please call your provider to check coverage. This treatment does qualify for Health Savings Accounts.

Where can I learn more about neurofeedback?

To learn more about neurofeedback, you can visit EEG Info and ISNR.

Where can I learn more about Your Brain Fitness Center?

In addition to our website or contacting us directly, you can find us on social media via Facebook and Twitter.